I’m a local artist and author who spends too much time money and calories in the glorious eating options in Greenwich, Blackheath and nearby and I just have to get opinionated about it all!

My paintings are at www.alexpaintings.com if you enjoy art where you can also read about Helen and the Grandbees my debut novel set in Deptford and due out in 2020 with Legend press. Pre-Order here.

H&TG visual

But this blog is about food and drink. I’m using this “about page” as a summary of the meals that were really great, or err kind of disastrous.  Please feel free to make suggestions of where I should visit next… or just disagree.


Now on the coffee shop front (after all, that’s how you know me)

Buenos Ares Cafe. The joy of Buenos Ares is the chilled atmosphere which is quite an achievement in squashed up Greenwich. There are no out and out cake winners, but their approach to savoury platters is fabulous… and usually too much for one person to eat: Peyton and Byrne. I really don’t want this to be my favourite coffee shop, but I have to say its produce is flawlessly excellent with exciting attention to detail. I’ve been here twice. This was my first visit  and this was the visit where I realised how great it really was. /home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/8be/37885464/files/2014/12/img_0778.jpg

And the Scullery in Blackheath Standard, oh what great coffee, what simple but wonderful cakes.  On the subject of cake, pretty decent cakes can be found at Rhubarb in Lewisham’s Glass Mill, otherwise known as the Lewisham’s swimming pool. Yes really.

Gail’s Bakery, now I am writing this review with Gail’s having newly opened, and it’s impressive and exciting shop front could just be prejudicing me, but for now, ain’t it great? If the shine wears off, I’ll be sure to update you.

And for restaurants

Buenos Ares restaurant. Do you notice a common theme here?

Bianco 43. Interestingly this review provoked reaction amongst people who have not enjoyed their pizzas, but I have to say I am a fan. I have been there whilst known to be a local food blogger, and also more anonymously, but each time I have had a fantastic time.  Chapters. Again. I really wanted to hate Chapters..


The Hill, at the bottom of the Royal Hill is a real gem. Excellent food, both sweet and savoury.  Huge disappointments included Jamie’s Italian  and Cau  The former in particular should have no excuse. After all, we have particularly enjoyed visits to other Jamie ventures such as Barbecoa in New Change  I blog (almost) weekly, so make sure you keep up by using the buttons above for a regular email, or RSS feed.

Am I missing anything? Please let me know in the comments boxes below, and I will go and investigate

Painting of a view not far from Blackheath in London

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    1. Thanks Sal, I’m off to see yours too!
      I hardly ever get a response fro the establishments, in fact the ones that do publicly, never follow up…

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