About Alex

I’m a local artist and author who spends too much time money and calories in the glorious eating options in Greenwich, Blackheath and nearby. Blackheath has been my home for seventeen years. 

Requests for reviews: I can accommodate requests to visit your premises in exchange for an honest review, but I do have to make clear in the review whether I have received a free meal for this. You can contact my personal email at minialexm@googlemail.com

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My SE London based novel Helen and the Grandbees released by Legend Press in October can be purchased here. Pre-Order here.

Agent: Phillipa Sitters at David Godwin Associates

alex morrell, alex morel, alex morrel

My paintings can be seen at: alexpaintings.com


3 thoughts on “About Alex

    • Thanks Sal, I’m off to see yours too!
      I hardly ever get a response fro the establishments, in fact the ones that do publicly, never follow up…

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