“Mr Whippy it ain’t” – A review of Dark Sugars Chocolate shop in Greenwich

We ended up outside the Dark Sugars Chocolate shop after a lunchtime lockdown walk. I peered in, half desirously but also wincing a little at the open pools of chocolate delights. Ingestion of chocolate isn’t strictly listed as a WHO contamination risk… but just doesn’t sit right with these paranoid times. In the end, it seemed churlish to avoid the treats you ARE allowed, whilst languishing resentfully about the small pleasures we’re currently denied, so we settled on ice cream – blood orange chocolate ice cream, on a freezing cold day. Mostly because it looked pretty seriously chocolatey.

I have ice cream issues. It took me years to understand that the reason that everyone ELSE was raving about ice cream, was because it is quite nice, but my lactose intolerance and sensitive teeth were blocking the ‘nice’ bit for me. After much consideration, I have come to terms with the fact that it’s not shameful to own up to not-actually-liking-ice-cream, with the exception of when its just about to be served at dinner parties. However there is a small space in my heart for very dark rich ice cream which I consider, not ice cream, but dense chocolate and cream mixed together which happens to be cold.

Hence, I agreed with my husband, I would have half a scoop of in a black cone.

The ‘half a scoop’ did seem to cause some contention as watched from outside the shop so as to abide by their COVID rules, watching a slightly annoyed shop assistant. I was surprised, we hadn’t to pay only half the price. Surely this formula was quids-in for them. My husband exited with a cone looking to be about a scoop AND a half.

“I think that she thought I was a controlling husband who was trying to keep my fat wife’s weight down” my husband said soulfully as he came out. “That’s the look she gave me when I ordered” It needs to be noted (as if my blogging was not evidence of this) that ‘controlling’ could be an hysterically laughable IRONIC nickname for my husband, who is marvellously supportive and lets me steal his jokes when my blogs just ain’t shining. Also, I have a perfectly healthy BMI, thank you very much.

On the other hand, I can’t say that the over-sized ice cream, when I had done every effort on my part to be good, was something that I could hold against Dark Sugars. It was delicious. It did disappear very quickly. And it was the source of no food guilt whatsover. If that ice cream made me put on 2 pounds of weight, then it was worth the hard work to lose it.

NB. They appear to be delivering: https://www.darksugars.co.uk I suspect this does not include the ice cream.

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So are you reading more now that you have no travel time, or maybe even no work? or are you finding your brain is crystallising trying to absorb more information, look for more information while there is none to be had, whilst trying to resist stockpiling because you have to ‘do’ something, but you’re quite limited as to what it is?

Are you commenting on barmy tweets where people want to yell ‘stupid’ at anyone they disagree with? (I don’t recommend this by the way).

Let’s deal with important things. Surely a significant survival mechanism when mental health is at stake is chocolate. (Why is no one else mentioning this?) With this in mind, i had a special planned pre-work trip to Lidl to buy their bars of dark chocolate which we recently discovered on a strawberry buying expedition. (This is a different sort of chocolate than you will find in your local corner shop)

Lidl Chocolate

The actual event went like this: queue in traffic for ages; Park up; think ‘things can’t be so bad if I can park’, walk up to the doors whilst seeing the queues inside; get very close to the doors….

Walk away from the doors, 

because it turns out that even chocolate isn’t worth that much close contact with crowd… 

spend ages in traffic trying to leave.

 Feel bad about what we did to the environment for no actual benefit whatsoever. 

We have now indulged a visit to Dark Sugarshttps://www.darksugars.co.uk/ in Greenwich on the basis that we need cheering up when times are so dire – but this was pricey. There was hardly anyone in there, the staff are a long way from the customers and there is hand gel on the counter. We like.

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