“Things haven’t been the same” A Review of post-lockdown walks in SE London

It’s fair to say, things haven’t been the same lately. Summers are usually a feast of street food; “oh, we’ll diet tomorrow (assuming there’s enough money in the bank for baked beans) restaurant trips“ and ”I haven’t seen that flavour gin before, that counts as a special occasion… slurp” moments.

And, as you’ve almost certainly observed, I’ve been diligently reviewing local takeouts for you. Not that we’re averse to eating out. We’ve had some unfortunate experiences in pubs better not named, but we’re spontaneous eater-outers, not, let’s plan and book before all the socially-distanced seating has gone people

I’ll put my hands up and admit that I have slightly leveraged this opportunity to lose a little weight, only to discover your average meal out has a frightening amount of calories.

But it’s a moment to consider, what is Blackheath Coffee Shop Food Blogger for? What does it mean anymore if I’m not always finding an excuse for cake, coffee and just a tiny little bit of tasting menu here and there. Just what do we do all day, when we’re not WFH?

Discover the pretty parts of south London for walking of course.

Hall Place has proved a particular favourite. It’s combination of wide fields, and cultivated gardens are much less uptight than Greenwich Park… and much less crowded too. Top tip, you can do the Green Chain Walk from here. One day, I might.

Ducks in Hall Place, Bexleyheath
Ducks in Hall Place, Bexleyheath (not to be fed)

And alongside the Thames has some particularly romantically bleak scenes, beautiful in moody Whistler mists as it is in storming sunlight.

Thameside, coming up to Erith. I need to paint this scene sometime
Thameside, coming up to Erith. I need to paint this scene sometime
The remains of the Woolwich Acquatic Centre. Complete with Heron
The remains of the Woolwich Acquatic Centre. Complete with Heron. I wish they’d reopen it for swimmers.

Have we missed anywhere? We’re considering Beckenham Palace Park but can’t tell if it’s only a swimming pool or not. (Not that I am remotely averse to outdoor swimming).

Have you pre-ordered my novel “Helen and the Grandbees” yet? It’s also set in south east London


Book Cover for Helen and the Grandbees

 Don’t wait for publication date… there might be a run on books by then!

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