You all keep asking where the pictures are.

You all keep asking where the pictures are. And I’m meant to be an artist so there’s something wrong, right? Here i present my Q&A, questions posted for the artist by the artist on the subject of: “Why no pictures?”

Why would an artist use a standard header picture from wordpress?

What can I say? I have one visual part of the brain, and one wordy part of my brain, and never the twain shall meet. (yes – pendants, I know that’s a misquote.)

Fortunately for a food blogger, my wordy part of the brain connects well with my eating side. Frankly if my eating side did not connect well with other things, I would struggle with most every day tasks.

Why don’t I paint a picture of Blackheath and use it as my header?

Because dear reader, Blackheath is twee. This is not an insult to the village that I love to pop into (quite regularly as you may have noticed from this blog), but this is not the sort of art that I do. Maybe one day I will see an angle or a light that suits my style actually on the heath, but this is yet to occur, and even if it does there is no guarantee it will work as a header or suit my blog. See my commentary on my painting of the Champs Elysees at for my philosophy on how I paint something already famous or definably beautiful.

If you’re still not happy, I’m sure I have Constable’s phone number around here somewhere for you.

Surely I should do a montage of all my paintings or photos of the village as a header.


Sorry, you wanted something more verbose? Well, let me put it this way: if you find any montage anywhere that you think looks nice – not to mention arty, fun, draws you in, adds value… please post the link in the comments below and I will see if they will sell me the copyright.

I promise that I will try and upload an iphone pic to any further reviews.

Short version of this blog: My writing isn’t good enough for you? Go buy yourselves ladybird books.

3 thoughts on “You all keep asking where the pictures are.

  1. Never justify yourself. If you’re happy with your stuff, that’s the only justification you ever need. Enojying flicking through your stuff on Blackheath and its environs, as it’s my local stomping ground. You’re wrong about peking duck pizza, though…

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